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New Milton Crematorium Project

New Milton Crematorium

A developer has revealed a couple of plans in order to build new Milton crematorium which is perfect to prevent the effect that has been experienced sometimes at a couple of facilities that have been existed. The New Forest Crematorium Company which has been recently formed is preparing a couple of proposals in order to redesigned section of green belt site at the New Milton region of Stem Lane. 

New Milton Crematorium

A lot of Services

The facility that spends a lot of money, the first of its kind in the Forest, will provide a couple of services longer if compared to those at Bournemouth and Southampton crematoriums. It will also save a lot of people who are living in the area of New Milton which should drive up to an hour to come to the funerals of their family or friends. 

Person who runs the new company, Jeremy Hinton said that the Southampton and Bournemouth crematoriums can be very busy. They have an excellent job but a couple of funerals can make an effect of conveyor belt. 

The new Milton crematorium which has been proposed will provide a much more environment which is relaxed for many people who are going through the process of mourning. The cemetery will not hold no more than a couple of service per day with one service is one hour instead of h40 minutes or half an hour. And a spiritual feel will be provided by the New Forest backdrop. 

The planning application will be collected by the company and if the preparation is working well, the new facility will start operating in the year of 2018. The cost that has been expected is about 2 million pounds, if consent is granted; an eight-acre grazing site will be occupied. Mr. Hinton claimed that this schedule had gotten a great response at a drop-in session which is attended by over 80 residents. 

He claimed that a lot of people love the proposal and he say that those people love the idea about not moving to reach Southampton and Bournemouth crematorium for an hour. There are a couple of areas within the Forest that you can go through if you want to go to Forest by driving for an hour and you have to consider seasonal traffic that will be crowded. 

It is necessary to place the new Milton crematorium between a couple of facilities in Southampton and Bournemouth. But this is not the perfect way in order to attend the funeral of family or friends. 

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