Jumat, 11 November 2016

Milton Memorial Park Address

Milton Memorial Park, Milton Memorial Park address is in the Union Street and Chandler Street Milton, DE 19968. This location is right behind the Milton Library which is located in the 121 Union Street, Milton, DE, 19968. The Milton Memorial Park is the perfect playground which is located in the river in the Milton, Delaware. There are grassy areas that are the perfect place for sitting on the benches of the park or also picnic with your family and friends. 

There are two playgrounds which have been separated next to each other. One playground is set for older kinds while the smaller playground is built for the younger children. You can also find kiddie swings and big kid swings and a couple of toys that you can use to sit and rock on. This place will be favorite location that your kids will be loved. 

There is a small picnic spot along the river which has been supported with a grill. You can also find a large gazebo that you can use events and parties. The best part of this park is that the little train tracks which circles around the far section of this park. The train has been brought out for the special events and the most fun part is that it can be rode by your kids. The train can be even rented for birthday party. 

This park will make you have a great time. The surroundings were very gorgeous and the equipment of the playground was entertaining and cleans for the children. It will make you go back to this playground again anytime soon.
There are a couple of other sites that you can visit Milton Memorial Park, Milton Memorial Park address. Milton Memorial Park is located right behind the Milton Public Library. This little library is very cute. And the staff of the library is very nice. You can also find the boat ramp and fishing. 

So for those of who still confuse in order to choose the destination for your holiday trip, this Milton Memorial Park is the perfect choice for you and your family. This place is also the perfect place for you to bring your kids to play around the site. This site is very clean and also beautiful to enjoy the time with your family and friends. Milton Memorial Park, Milton Memorial Park address is the most popular site that you have to visit in this area.

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