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Milton Grave Mystery

According to one guy who had been discovered Milton Gave mystery, weirdness, and curiosities, he made the mistake when overlook his former hometown of Milton. A community told about a couple of legends and stories. But he feels so challenging to do this Milton Gave mystery. The real fact behind the stories was not there simply. Over a couple of past years, he started talking to citizens, choosing a couple of things that he wanted to research and writing down notes. He wanted to bring these perfect stories to life once again and through a lot of research, he finally was able to fill in a couple of missing pieces. It will be very first time for him to write about Milton Gave mystery. 

Milton Grave Mystery

A couple of years ago, he shocked to see the photo. The photo said about a large mound of earth as the Indian Mound. He asked himself whether the Indian Mound as live in Milton or not at that time. He have travelled all over the West Milton all his life and he never seen a geological formation like this in his entire life. It would be a great essential if there was such an Indian Mound. He thought that not many people know about its existence. 

He spoke to the Milton Historical Society representative, Lorinda Henry and she told him that the Milton Gave mystery about Indian Mound was far better than the explanation about this story. After searching a couple of papers and binders that are unlabeled at the historical society, he was able to find his first clue. The mound was located down the near camp Everest in Milton. This is a hidden area of a couple of remote back roads which do not get much traffic if compared to locals. This is also the name which will very well be lost to a couple of Milton residents nowadays. Camp Everest was one of a couple of large camps which will be built up along teh Lake Champlain. 

During the 1880s era, camping in summer tents and cottages will draw a lot of people to the Lake Champlain. Lakeshore of Milton was a murderer of a natural beauty which had been completed with stony beaches. Giant looming rocks, deep forest and marshlands of Eagle Mountain was very incredible. Land owners properties had been converted into camps in order to take benefits of it and there are a couple of camps that are available for business.

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