Senin, 07 November 2016

Milton Cemetery Will Limit Sales of Burial Pots

Milton cemetery was made in 1672. This cemetery will have sales of limitation of burial plots to the residents of Milton. It will start on December 1. If the new section which has been planned is not ready yet, the historic cemetery will run out of graves less than two years. 

Lack of Space

It seems that there are a couple of spaces for future burial in this Milton cemetery, as Paul Dolan and Therese Desmond check them by walking through a tree-lined and open tract in this cemetery. But Dolan as one of the trustees and Desmond as the cemetery superintendent claim that this is not the problem at all. Those spaces have been already purchased. 
On the southwest of the Milton cemetery, there has a Gun Hill Street fresh acre, but it will take a couple of years in order to prepare it. Meanwhile, on the eastern side, there has a fresh acre of Gordon Road which is located atop subsurface granite which will be prepared so that it is better for the grave that can be dug out deep. But Dolan claimed that it will take a couple of years to do this work and also it should spend a lot of money from the budget of the cemetery. 
The sale of graves is limited for the only Milton cemetery of the town until those parcels are prepared. Desmond said that the graves will be sold starts December 1 only to a couple of residents of Milton. It means that before a burial plot can be purchased by relatives, a family member must die. 
Until that date, the graves will be sold by the cemetery as usual. But this time there is a limitation as only four for one family to buy the cemetery. Until this day there are more than 500 graves that are available there. Desmond claimed that there are 190 up to 350 graves which have been sold per year. The prices of the graves are at $4,500 in terms of lot with two graves and also $6,000 in terms of two lots with four graves. 
Desmond said that the popularity which has been increased of the cremation has not immediately slowed the graves sale because those people who have been cremated have chosen to have their ashes buried in a traditional burial plot. The Milton cemetery comes with new and separate spot for a couple of veterans and also their member of family. 

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