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Milton Cemetery Portsmouth Information

Milton Cemetery Portsmouth is located between Velder Avenue or Eastern Road, Portsmouth and Milton Road. Milton Road is the main gate that can be accessed by using cars. You will find the parking area which is located inside the gates. 

The History of Milton Cemetery Portsmouth

Milton Cemetery Portsmouth was operated in the year of 1911. This cemetery consists of a couple of war graves of two the greatest World Wars in the world had ever seen. The burials of the 1914 up to 1918 are located in the Plot I. A Cross of Sacrifice was moved on the chapel northern side after the war in order to honor a lot of servicemen that have been buried in this Milton Cemetery Portsmouth. The burials of 1939 up to 1945 War are spread widely throughout the complex of cemetery. 

There are more than 430 women and men that have been buried in this Milton Cemetery Portsmouth. Their graves have been maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The name of those people has been listed alphabetically based on the conflict that made them died in the world war. There are a couple of people who do not suit all of those categories so that the cemetery has listed their name separately. 

Every of graves that have been identified in this Milton Cemetery Portsmouth are given reference number based on the location of the graves. It contains of a number of grave, a number of row, and a section of letter. A description of hoe to place the grave has been accompanied by the cemetery plan on every page. The office of Cemetery Managers is open to help you during office hours. You can find it just inside the main gate.

If the city history can be said through its memorials and monuments then there are a couple of stories that have been provided by Portsmouth.  The project of Monuments and Memorials in Portsmouth have been assisted by the Imperial War Museum, the Norrish Central Library, Portsmouth City Council Museum and Record Office, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, and a couple of other organizations.  This site is built in order to the memory of a lot of people, children, men, and women that have been commemorated on the Memorials and Monuments in Portsmouth. 

The City Council has claimed to support the maintenance of this site. They give sponsorship that is the perfect way in order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this site.

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