Kamis, 03 November 2016

Memorial Poems Talk About

How much memorial poems are needed in the funeral ceremony? Most of European and American will do it. the Christian also will do it. therefore, what is the content of the poems?

Memorial poems are a way to farewell to the dead person. It is done by expressing and sharing the thought and feelings. It also can be delivered formal, more personal, and as both combinations. The one simple way to make it is by recalling the memory that you and the dead person has done. You only need to make some notes after you get the memory. You can write the draft, organize it, and review it. next, you can polish it if it is needed. if you want to make it, you can try to do some of these steps a first. You should make sure if your speech is systematic. What do you think of trying to make it by yourself? If you want the simpler one, you can download the ready speech in some of the websites. 

Do not forget to put the eulogy. In the eulogy, it seems like a reflection. In this case, you need to tell about the life meaning for your loved one. It does not need any answers. You just have to make it memorable and touching. You can manage it for 3 to 4 minutes, but you can ask the MC about the accurate time of it. the audience can do these things. There is also the warm handshakes and sympathetic statement in this session. Not only it, the purpose of a funeral is also described in this introduction session. The next is the comfort family session. In this case, you can eat, chit-chat, and do anything else with the survivors. There are not special gifts too or something to bring in this reception. It just likes to visit the house of the died person and give the support for the survivors. Not only it, if it is possible, the prayer is needed at this time. Although in the previous time it is a ‘must’ thing to do,especially the whole night, today the guest can do it or not. It is an option. What do you think to make it by yourself? To combine the eulogy with the memorial poems, you need the expert help in it. you can read the poems before the dead person is in the grave.

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