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Famous People Buried in Milton Cemetery

At this article you will find a couple of famous people buried in Milton cemetery. Some of them were politicians, and some others were athletes and actors.

James Anthony Burke

James Anthony Burke

He was US Congressman that was elected to the US House or Representatives. He is from Massachusetts. He worked for the House of Representatives from 1959 up to 1979. There were 13th district that had been represented by him from 1959 up to 1963 and represented 11th district from the year 1963 up to 1979. 

Elbie Fletcher

Elbie Fletcher


He was the Major League Baseball Player. He was born in Milton, Massachusetts. He claimed as the first baseman that had been played for twelve seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Bees/Braves.  He was known for the incredible fielding skills. The career highlights that have been noticed were two-time league leader in baseball and being selected to the National League All Star Team in 1943. 

Edward Allen Guisburne


He was the honor recipient of Mexican Campaign Congressional. He was the Medal of Honor award recipient as Electrician Third Class. He was died in August 29, 1955. He was famous people buried in Milton cemetery that was well-known for his extraordinary heroism. 

Nathaniel C. Goodwin


He was an actor that started his career in 1876 as a vaudevillian and he made his debut at the New York Lyceum. Late 1880s, he became most popular comedian and he plays a couple of plays all across the country with a couple of well-known actors at that time. He made his debut as movie start as Fagin in the classic film Oliver Twist. 

Howard Johnson


Born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1897, Johnson quit from school in the eighth grade in order to work in the cigar store of his father. He took place in World War I as American Expeditionary Force part. After his return, he lost his father and his business was falling down and got heavy debt. In the year of 1924 the business had been sold in order to pay off the debts. Then $2,000 had been borrowed by him in order to purchase small corner drugstore and soda fountain in Wollaston Massachusetts. Medicine, cigars, newspapers, and candy had been sold by him and were very promising. The soda fountain gained its popularity and he started to make ice cream that has great taste that would make his business successful by using his own recipe.

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